There continues to be abundant evidence that Covid-19 is still an existential threat across the world; in many areas infection rates are still increasing and there is the continual threat of new variants appearing.

As a result many companies have banned international travel until 2022 by which time they (and we) hope that some kind of normality will have returned. Distoy without international travel simply won’t work.

Accordingly with heavy heart we must let you know that in these circumstances an October 2021 show is not viable. This is a bitterly disappointing state of affairs and we really wish we could offer a more optimistic picture.

The international Toy Community has always been so supportive and we are extremely grateful for that support. We sincerely hope you’ll join us in an effort to make Distoy 2022 happen and help us to erase the unpleasant memory of not one, but two postponements.

The dates for Distoy 2022 are May 17th – 20th